Monday, March 18, 2013

Assignment #1 Your Favorite Films

This is a film class.  We will watch films, and there will be written (typed) assignments that go along with the films  You must be here (obviously) to see the films.  Attendance is important.  If you are absent and miss seeing a film or part of a film, then you are responsible for seeing that film on your own time (renting it, netflix, cable, etc.).

For every film that we watch in class you will be responsible for a critical review of the film.  There are specific parameters and guidelines for writing these critical reviews.  You must complete the assignments correctly to get credit for them.

Every completed assignment will earn a grade from 1-10.

All assignments will be posted on this blog.  You can access this blog from any computer, tablet, smart phone with an internet connection.

Assignment # 1   Your Favorites

Choose your 3 favorite films and write 1 paragraph (at least 4 sentences) for each film.

In the paragraph you are going to write about why that film is your favorite.  Detail the reasons why this film is so good to you.  These are your opinions.  Do not tell me the story of the film.  I do not want to read a summary of the film   I need to know why each of these films are in your top 3.

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